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Açai Bowl

Delicious slices of banana with frozen acaí pulp, mango, red fruits, granola, coconut flakes and organic honey. You can also order it with extra marzipan!

Molletes 3 Dientes

A baguette spread with beans, oaxaca, manchego and ricotta cheese, turkey chorizo (140gr) and pico de gallo (sauce made with tomato, onion and serrano pepper).

Cochinita Enchiladas

Delicious homemade tortillas (3pz), stuffed with our cochinita (200gr), dressed with our grilled red sauce, cream with panela cheese, pickled manzano chilli and red onion.

Enchiladas Suizas

Delicious white corn tortillas (3pz) filled with chicken breast (110gr) or two scrambled eggs, covered with our special homemade green sauce, cream and melted manchego cheese.

Chilaquiles (Red or Green Sauce)

Baked tortillas chips (100gr) covered with our special sauces, red or green, with grated panela cheese, tomato, onion, and avocado slices, beans and cream, accompanied by our homemade bread.

Condesa Eggs

Two sunny side up eggs over a delicious potato crust, with bell pepper, red onion and turkey bacon bits.

Ahogados Poché

Black beans with two poached eggs accompanied by our special red/green sauce, shredded panela cheese, watermelon radish and sesame. Served with homemade bread.

Santos Ahogados

Two fried eggs with Hoja santa leaves and black beans, our red/green sauce, grilled panela cheese, avocado, watermelon radish and sesame. Served With homemade bread.

Rancheros Del Ojo

Corn tortilla, beans, two fried eggs, green and red sauce, with avocado coriander, watermelon radish and sesame.

Avocado Trufa Toast

Rye bread with two sunny side up eggs over a delicious combination of guacamole made with basil and truffle oil, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, watermelon radish and sesame mix.

Grilled Eggs

Delicious parmesan cheese crust stuffed with paprika, spinach, avocado with two sunny side up eggs. Accompanied with our red/green homemade sauce.

Roast Beef Toast Poche

Rye bread, mustard and mayonnaise dressing, avocado, dried tomato, grilled pickles, homemade roast beef (125gr), fresh arugula, sesame and one poached egg.

Quesadillas Ojo De Agua

Quesadillas with curd cheese, nopales (cactus) and quesillo (soft cheese) with squash blossoms and mushrooms, accompanied by chile manzano pepper with red onion and red sauce.

Arabian Cazuela Eggs

Two poached eggs, in red sauce with onion, tomato and zaatar, lemon juice, mint, jocoque, sesame and pita bread.

Cinnamon Roll French Toast

Brioche bread roll, filled with cinnamon and maple honey, soaked in vanilla syrup and caramelized with butter with tomato and fig jam and whipped cream.

Hot Cakes

Three fluffy pancakes topped with maple syrup, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, red fruit jam and a hit of powdered sugar. Or savory with two fried eggs and turkey bacon

Matcha Tea Hotcakes

Three fluffy matcha hotcakes topped with ricotta cheese and blueberry jam, served with mango and green apple.


Crunchy waffles, topped with maple syrup and powdered sugar, served with strawberries, raspberries and red berries jam. Or savory with two fried eggs and turkey bacon.


Strawberry and Serrano Leaves

Mix of fresh lettuce with strawberry slices and serrano ham (80gr), red onion slices, cherry tomato, avocado, pickles, watermelon radish, and our special vinaigrette.morada en juliana, tomates cherry, pepinillo fresco, rábano sandía, aguacate y vinagreta de la casa.

Salmon and Grape Leaves

Fresh greens with a grilled salmon filet (150gr) (marinated with salt, pepper and lemon), grapes, pecans, cherry tomatoes, avocado, fresh pickles, watermelon radish, parmesan cheese and our signature vinaigrette.

Tomato and Chicken Leaves

Mix of fresh lettuce, dried tomatoes, grilled chicken breast (150 gr), cherry tomatoes, avocado, fresh pickles and watermelon radish, with pine nuts, parmesan cheese and our signature vinaigrette.

Tuna and Ginger Leaves

Mix of fresh lettuce, delicious fresh tuna steak (200gr) (marinated with salt, pepper and lemon), cherry tomatoes, avocado, fresh pickles, watermelon radish, with a fresh ginger dressing and black sesame seeds.

Rosemary and Pasta Leaves

Our traditional mix of greens and pasta, chicken breast slices (150gr), parmesan cheese, sliced almond, cherry tomatoes, avocado, fresh prickles, watermelon radish and spicy rosemary dressing (dried tomato, rosemary and macha sauce).

Sweet Potato and Pistachio Leaves

Kale and fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, fresh pickles, grilled sweet potato chips, toasted pistachio with salmon or tuna (200gr), spicy tangerine vinaigrette, macha sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Pesto Bowl

Delicious spinach base, zucchini and chayote squash, mushrooms, red onion with our exquisite basil and olive oil pesto, pine nuts with salmon or tuna (200gr) and topped with parmesan cheese.

Thai Bowl

Mix of cauliflower and broccoli with green curry, sauteed asparagus, mushrooms, red pepper with clarified butter, caramelized onion with salmon or tuna (200gr), marinated in key lime and macha sauce.

Protein Bowl

Bed of white rice topped with avocado, watermelon radish, sweet potato, beets, red fruits, cherry tomatoes, lentils and sesame with salmon, tuna or chicken (200gr).

Caesar of Kale and Salmon

Fresh kale, caesar dressing, salmon (200gr) marinated with key lime, avocado, toasted sesame, watermelon radish, parmesan cheese and roasted garlic croutons.

Soup of the Day

It depends of the restaurant



Delicious slices of serrano ham (80gr) with manchego and oaxaca cheese, accompanied by our chipotle deli sauce (balsamic vinegar, chipotle pepper, fresh figs, capers, salt and pepper).

Pear Honey-Deli

Delicious tuna steak (200gr) covered with our pear-deli-honey sauce (ginger, chives, key lime, honey, balsamic vinegar, red onion) and delicious manchego and oaxaca cheese.

Chutney Mango-Deli-Chicken

Delicious sauteéd chicken breast (150gr), with our special chutney mango sauce ( manila mango, olive oil, sesame seeds, chipotle and yellow pepper) with melted oaxaca and manchego cheese.


Grilled salmon filet (200gr,) accompanied by creamy ricotta cheese, with bits of toasted pecan nuts, capers and covered with pure bee honey.

Portobello-Deli-Hummus (Vegetarian)

Grilled portobello, red peppers and red onion, fresh pickles, hummus and pine nuts topping.


Incredible combination of four cheeses (parmesan, oaxaca, manchego and mozzarella), with pesto (pine nuts, fresh basil, onion, olive oil and a light hint of garlic).


Delicious fresh seared tuna steak (200gr), caramelized onion, crunchy beetroot, accompanied by our special chipotle mayonnaise dressing.


Yucatán-style pulled pork (150gr), grilled manchego cheese, with our incredible habanero pineapple sauce (shredded habanero chili, onion, pineapple, seasoned with key lime and oregano).

Plum Wagyu Burger Deli

Delicious free-range wagyu meat (180gr), Swiss cheese, prune sauce with morita chili pepper, cranberries and pistachio, old-style mustard, ketchup and homemade mayonnaise on whole wheat bread accompanied by lettuce and tomato.

Roast Beef Plum Deli

Rye bread with raisins, bacon jam, kale, homemade roast beef (125gr) and our plum, cranberries and morita chili sauce with parmesan cheese.

Roast Beef Mustard Deli

White bread with homemade roast beef (125gr), mustard, mayonnaise, mustard caviar, pickles, caramelized purple cabbage, arugula and manchego cheese.

Classic Turkey Deli Pesto

Baguette with green bean pesto, turkey ham (130gr), avocado, dried tomato, manchego cheese, lettuce mix and red onion.

Veggie Deli Baba Ghanoush (Vegetarian)

Ciabatta bread with roasted peppers, dried tomatoes, roasted onion, toasted black sesame, baba ghanoush and lettuce mix.

*All “Deli” sandwiches are accompanied by a green salad, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sesame seeds and our signature vinaigrette).

*Order your combo and for $40 more have a small water of the day! (460ml)

Tacos and Ceviches

Salmon Tacos

Salmon filet (200gr) marinated in dressing, accompanied by pico de gallo sauce and pineapple.

Rib Eye Tacos

Tortilla with fried beans, grilled Rib Eye (160gr), seasoned with special soy and chiles toreados, accompanied by chile manzano pepper and arugula.

Octopus Tacos

Octopus (150gr) with guajillo chili pepper, garlic, olive oil, sautéed kale, red onion, spicy mayonnaise and our special sauce.

Fish Tacos

Red snapper (200gr) marinated in guajillo chili pepper, spicy mayonnaise and pickled vegetables.

Spicy Tuna Tacos

Seared tuna steak (200gr) with sesame crust, over fresh spinach, accompanied by carrot and pickled beets with spicy mayonnaise.

Tropical Ceviche

Tuna (200gr), avocado, mango, green apple, marinated with lemon, pineapple juice, oyster sauce and serrano chili, accompanied by tortilla chips.

Ceviche Tulum

Shrimp (50gr), octopus (50gr) and fish (50gr), oyster and soy sauce with lemon, coriander, serrano chili, cucumber, red onion and a hint of ginger, accompanied by tortilla chips.

*All tacos are served in a handmade tortilla (3pcs) with guacamole*


Seasonal fruits (320gr) prepared with salt, key lime and chili. Or with honey, granola and yogurt.
You can also create your own combination!

Fruit Cup

Manila mango / Ataulfo mango/
Papaya / Melon / Watermelon / Pineapple/
Cucumber / Jicama/ Coconut

Red berries / with strawberry

Strawberries and cream

Cream with sugar, vanilla and cinnamon, topped with pecans, almonds, pine nuts, amaranth, honey and raisins.
You can also add extra matcha!


Yogurt Smoothies


– Mamey, natural yogurt, milk
– Strawberry, natural yogurt, milk
– Banana, natural yogurt, milk
– Chocolate, natural yogurt, milk


– Mamey, prune, pecans, natural yogurt, milk
– Banana, chocolate, peanuts, natural yogurt, milk
– Strawberry, chocolate, natural yogurt, milk
– Mango, pecans, natural yogurt, milk

*Sweetened or unsweetened

Juice Combinations

– Coconut, mango, passion fruit
– Soursop, coconut, passion fruit
– Soursop, strawberry, mango
– Kiwi, strawberry
– Kiwi, mango
– Strawberry, passion fruit, mango
– Strawberry, mango, guava, pineapple
– Strawberry, orange
– Strawberry, mango
– Mamey, passion fruit, strawberry, mango
– Mamey, strawberry, coconut

Fresh Fruit Water (*sweetened)

Watermelon / Pineapple / Melon / Papaya / Orange / Oatmeal / Horchata (rice-based drink) / Horchata with coconut / Lemon with strawberry / Lime / Lemon / Cucumber / Cucumber and key lime
Horchata with strawberry / with mango / with guava / with mamey
Lemon and chia / Coconut

Classic Juices

Star fruit / Plum / Peach / Strawberry / Soursop / Guava / Kiwi / Mamey / Mango / Passion fruit / Melon / Papaya / Pear / Pineapple / Watermelon / Prickly pear / Sapote (Soapapple) / Chicozapote/ Fig / Raspberry / Lychee / Blueberry / Blackberry/ Green grape / Black grape / Pomegranate/ Coconut

Super Juices

After Workout- Antioxidant, Energizing, Immune Boosting

Brazilian acaí pulp, cacao nibs, coconut milk and banana.

Recovery- Anti Inflammatory

Carrot, green apple, ginger and turmeric.

Sweetgreen – Cholesterol Lowering

Green pear, celery, ginger and spirulina.

Be Happy – Antidepressant

Coconut juice, banana, cacao nibs, peppermint and lucuma.

Young – Anti Aging

Brazilian nuts, almond milk, agave honey, vanilla, cinnamon and cacao powder.

Power – Energizing

Green apple, cucumber, curly cabbage, spinach, key lemon, ginger and maca root.

Stronger – Pre y Post Workout

Vegan protein, spinach, kale, coconut water, ginger, celery and cucumber.


Celery / Red beet / Melon / Pear / Cucumber / Apple / Tomato / Grapefruit / Orange / Carrot / Lime/ Tangerine

Functional Juices

Waterpolo – Hydrating

Orange, melon and carrot

Dead Weight – High Fiber

Kiwi, orange and mango

Tae Kwon Do -Defensive

Pineapple, mango and lime

Hikes – Improves Blood Circulation

Grapefruit and strawberry

Dtox – Detoxifying

Pineapple, peach, melon and strawberry

Goal – Energizing

Orange, carrot, pineapple, beetroot, celery and ginger

Vita C – Anti Flu

Orange, guava, pineapple, honey, lemon and ginger


Grapefruit or orange, pineapple, celery, parsley, nopal, curly cabbage and ginger

South Face

Mango, passion fruit and pineapple


Raspberry, blackberry, plum, cherry, blueberry, green grape and strawberry

Teas y Coffees

– American
– Cappuccino
– Latte
– Espresso
– Double espresso
– Hot chocolate
– Chai
– Chai latte
– Matcha
– Matcha Latte
– Green tea
– Mint tea
– Cinnamon tea
– Cinnamon ginger
– Ginger lemon
– Ginger, lemon, honey and cinnamon
– Peppermint

Ask for vegetable milk!

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