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Ojo de Agua, Healthy by Tradition.
Best juices and fruits since 1950.

The Ojo de Agua concept was born from the desire to improve quality of life, in the company of the people we love, in harmony with nature and through strengthening the habits and providing the tools for our bodies to be at their best – this is how we enjoy life. And it was this premise that kindled the motivation to create Ojo de Agua. A place that, in addition to offering people food of the highest quality enriched with the most fundamental nutrients, allows people to disconnect for a moment and reconnect with the things that we believe are the most important.

All our recipes are created with love, using the freshest and most delicious fruits and vegetables, which we also make available to our customers in all our branches.

Our dishes offer everything you can imagine for the enjoyment of a healthy, balanced, fresh and flavorful meal.


We invite you to visit our new restaurants and concepts: Ojo de Maíz , our sister restaurant based on a vegan-healthy concept that provides 100% organic, 100% clean, unparalleled vegan Mexican food. And finally, we have a cocktail menu called El Tercer Ojo (The Third Eye) offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of the highest quality and for all tastes, from classic drinks to vegan drinks and quality mixology. In addition, we offer our workshops Wellness By Ojo de Agua.

Ojo de Agua is a project that was born out of love, love of food, love of nature, love of coexistence and this has allowed us to grow and transmit this message far and wide to this day.

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